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I am a communications professional with more than 20 years experience planning, writing, editing, designing and coding publications for the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.


I have more than 12 years experience working as a consultant with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police on numerous publications including Reports on Plans and Priorities, Departmental Performance Reports, Environmental Scans (2007 and 2011) and the Feature Focus 2006: Youth Gangs & Guns.


I also have over 15 years experience as a Magazine Editor for The Canadian Amateur magazine.

Working closely with RCMP staff, I successfully completed numerous reports and publications including: Departmental Performance Reports and Reports on Plans and Priorities (2003 to 2014; print and HTML versions); Feature Focus 2006: Youth Gangs & Guns (print and HTML versions); and the 2007 and 2011 Environmental Scans (print, HTML and CD/DVD versions).


I am the Editor of The Canadian Amateur magazine, Canada’s premiere national publication devoted to Amateur Radio,
which is the membership journal of Radio Amateurs of Canada. The Canadian Amateur is a bi-monthly publication available in both print and digital versions in grayscale and in colour. At 68 pages (including covers), I coordinate, edit and design all content including all feature articles and 10 columns from across Canada – both technical and non-technical.

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From 1989 until 1998, I worked as a consultant for the City of Scarborough and then for the new megacity of Toronto.


I was the Marketing/Promotions Coordinator for the City of Scarborough/Toronto Recreation, Parks & Culture Department and I developed and implemented a multi-faceted Marketing Strategy for the Department to maximize revenues and participation at programs and special events. I also developed and executed media, sponsorship and advertising strategies.


I coordinated, edited and designed the Department’s major internal and external marketing communications vehicles including: three annual Recreation Programs & Services Brochures (average 100 pages each); Employment Booklets; Seasonal Program Flyers; Special Event Publications; Staff Newsletters; and Annual Reports.


I managed and coordinated the activities of city staff as well as internal and external graphic designers and printers to produce promotional documents and to develop and maintain graphic standards. I researched, developed, wrote, edited and coded (HTML) information for the City of Scarborough’s website and the City of Toronto’s website (after amalgamation).


I also assisted with the organization of special events including: the 1992 Ontario Summer Games; the annual Canada Day Celebrations; the annual City of Scarborough Recognition Nights; new facility openings; the Scarborough Lantern Festival; the Scarborough Salmon Derby; and the Scarborough Snofest Winter Carnival to name just a few.


Lastly, as Scarborough prepared to celebrate its 200 year history – just before it was to be amalgamated into the megacity of Toronto – I was a member of Scarborough’s Bicentennial Promotions Committee (1995 & 1996) and I coordinated, wrote and edited four Special Bicentennial Calendars of Events which were provided to every household in Scarborough.


In the spring and summer of 2003, I was the Director of Marketing and Communications for the Ontario Special Olympics 2003 Provincial Floor Hockey Championships.


As a volunteer member of the Board of Directors, I developed a Visual Identity Program, a Marketing Communications Plan and a Media Plan for the Games. I also coordinated the production of the Games publications including the official Games Handbook, the Games Program, Newsletters and website.


From January 1999 to January 2000, I was the Publications Coordinator for the Canadian Special Olympics Winter 2000 Games, which were held in Ottawa to start the new millennium.


As Publications Coordinator, I coordinated the production of the Games bilingual publications including the Chefs de Mission Manual, the official Games Program (64 pages, 4-colour), four Handbooks (ranging from 48 to 128 pages each) and Newsletters. I edited all major publications and designed the Games Handbooks and Newsletters – before the event and on a daily basis during the Games. I also created and coded the Games website working closely with other graphic and web designers.


From January 1985 to September 1997, I was the Vice-Chairman and Entertainment Coordinator for the Scarborough Committee on Parades and Entertainment (SCOPE).


As a volunteer member of the committee, I organized the entertainment for the annual Canada Day celebrations for Scarborough. I researched and hired all performers for a continuous two-stage musical, magical and multicultural entertainment showcase. I also coordinated all promotion of the event in City of Scarborough publications and in the media.

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